Oferta CES para Servicios y Prácticas en el extranjero

Incoming students

Are you planning to come to CES Don Bosco as an international exchange student? On these pages you can find information for planning your exchange studies with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. for any assistance with your application process.

  • General Course Offer

    Students may follow courses from the following degrees:

    • Bacherlor in Teacher Training, Primary Education
    • Bachelor in Teacher Training, Early Childhood Education
    • Bachelor in Social Education
    • Bachelor in Pedagogy (starting 2012-13)
    • Masters in Psychopedagogy

    The list of courses offered may be found here

    Teaching Placements

    CES Don Bosco has an extensive network of partner schools and social education institutions in which international students may carry out supervised internships. Even if a working knowledge of Spanish would be desirable, students may still carry out their teaching assignments in English, given that many of our partner schools are offering bilingual (English-Spanish) tuition. International students willing to be placed in Spanish schools are advised to send us their requirements and preferences as soon as possible so that we can find the best possible placement for them.

  • At CES Don Bosco, students can choose to study in Spanish, English or both. Students who plan to follow coursework in Spanish should have a level of B1 (CEFR) or higher. For English coursework, students are recommended to have a level of B2 or higher, although some courses are taught at a B1-B2 level.

    To improve their level of Spanish, it is recommended that they sign up for the free Spanish Course at the beginning of each academic year, both to improve their knowledge of the language and to familiarize themselves with the many university activities. PLEASE REMEMBER to select the Spanish Language Course when applying ON LINE.

  • Step 1

    Interested students should first contact their International Coordinator in order to discuss their candidacy with him/her. We can only accept incoming students for the areas of studies specified in bilateral agreements between universities. So check with your local LLP/Erasmus officers to which universities and to which departments or faculties of these universities you can travel next academic year.

    Entry requirements, other than those set by the home university, relate to students’ language proficiency.

    Step 2

    The home country International Office will make student nominations through Universidad Complutense’s online nomination platform, Moveonnet.

    Please, note that our previous online application form is no longer available. Only information received through moveonnet will be processed.

    To nominate your students, please follow this link: www.moveonnet.eu/mymoveonnet/enomination

    To proceed with the e-nomination the institution will be asked to register and obtain the login and password. This registration is free of charge and is possible only once per institution; usually the person in charge for the exchange programs at the international relations office has already obtained this access.

    The partner university informs UCM about nominated student data: name, sex, birthday, Email, Subject, level of study and number of semesters.

    At this stage, we strongly recommend that partner universities inform CES Don Bosco IO of their nominations, so we can monitor the process and begin to prepare for the students’ arrival.

    Step 3

    UCM confirms the receipt of the nominations by sending an email to the partner university and to the student, providing further information related to the application procedure. Please note that this acknowledgement email does not imply acceptance.

    Step 4

    Nominated students fill in their UCM Erasmus application process within the following deadlines:

    • Full academic year or first semester: March 30th to June 30th
    • Second semester: October 15th to November 30th
    • All Erasmus students need to complete the Application Form (The web site for applying will be obtained after nomination by their home institution):
      1. Complete this online application form by filling in all the boxes on the form in all the four sections: Personal Data, Previous studies, Mobility, Language Skills and Miscellaneus
      2. Click on the menu button
      3. Check your entries one last time and click the send button to forward your data to us
      4. Click on “create pdf file”
      5. Print the pdf-application form, sign it and ask your coordinator to sign and stamp it, too
      6. If any modification to the application is needed, it will be done by e-mail. No further applications from the same student will be considered.

    The application printed copy must be sent to UCM (not CES Don Bosco), together with the following documents:

    • Learning Agreement which includes all course units to be followed at the UCM. Once your Application is approved, all parties (student, host institution and sending institution) need to sign the Learning Agreement. This has to be done before the student leaves for Spain. In case the Learning Agreement should be altered due to unexpected changes in the programme, this has to be done before 31st October.
    • The Student’s Academic Transcript

    These documents need several signatures and stamps from your home university, so we advise you to start the procedure on time. Also, it is a good idea to check the contents of the learning agreement with CES Don Bosco IO staff before you send it to UCM.

    The above mentioned documents MUST be sent to the address below. Fax will not be accepted.

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid
    Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales
    Edificio Real Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII
    Avda. Complutense, s/n
    28040 - MADRID

    Parallel to this, students are requested to contact CES Don Bosco’s International Office in order to establish a first contact, start planning their stay, and clarify any questions they may have. We also recommend exchange students to check their planned arrival date with Don Bosco IO staff.

    Step 5

    After checking applications, UCM will send an acceptance email to the student and the partner institution

    Two other situations are possible:

    1. Refusal: If UCM cannot accept a student, both she/he and the partner institution will receive an email
    2. Cancellation: If a student withdraws from the programme, the partner institution needs to inform UCM.

    We thank our partners for their cooperation. E-nomination simplifies the student nomination process for the International Office and keeps students updated about the status of their nomination.

    Step 6

    Students should make sure they are officially enrolled at their home university, even if they plan to stay at CES Don Bosco – UCM for a full academic year. No additional fee should be paid at CES Don Bosco or UCM.

    Step 7

    Upon arrival, international students will meet the International coordinators at CES Don Bosco in order to:

    • Discuss their academic plan in detail: choice of courses, time-tables and language requirements.
    • Fill any necessary forms for the home university.
    • Meet their buddies – Spanish students that will help them find their feet around university and the city.

    Step 8

    Once the international students have met Don Bosco staff, they are required to contact the LLP/ Erasmus Officers of the UCM at the Central IRO. Address:

    Edificio Real Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII
    Avda. Complutense, s/n
    28040 - MADRID

    Step 9

    During the first month of the student’s stay, the student learning agreement will be signed and stamped and sent to the home International Office.

  • Accommodation

    CES Don Bosco has no accommodation of its own, but Madrid offers an abundance of both short and long term student accommodation, normally in the form of shared apartments. Rents are in the range of 250-450€ depending on the neighbourhood, facilities offered, etc.

    Universidad Complutense’s International Office assists students in the process of securing accommodation.

    In the past, international students studying at CES have also found accommodation through services such as www.aluni.net.

    Prospective students are welcome to contact our International Office team for suggestions or help with their searches.

    Living in Madrid

    Madrid, with its extensive cultural offer and its lively student life, is an ideal destination for Erasmus students interested in Spanish language and culture and, more generally, enjoying a rich international experience.

    Links of interest

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Nuestros Alumnos

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La experiencia en Estados Unidos, sin duda, ha marcado mi vida. Conoces otras perspectivas, sales de lo habitual, creces y te formas. Volvería sin pensármelo, gracias por la oportunidad. Maite Sastre
La experiencia ha sido maravillosa, una de esas cosas que pasan una vez, y no las puedes dejar escapar. Arriesgarse siempre sale bien, y más si es con amigos. Marta Puebla
No sé exactamente cómo expresar la experiencia con palabras. Nos sentimos afortunados de haber formado parte de unas prácticas como estas, nos hemos sentido queridos desde el primer hasta el último día y hemos aprendido muchísimo como docentes. ¡La experiencia ha sido plena en todos los ámbitos! Rocio Corrales
Ha sido una experiencia increíble, es una pena que haya tenido que terminar, es una decisión acertada que repetiría una y otra vez. Pablo López
Ha sido una experiencia única que repetiría sin dudarlo porque no sólo he mejorado mi inglés, sino que gracias a mi familia he pasado muchos buenos ratos y he tenido la grandísima suerte de conocerles y seguir siendo mi familia aun habiendo vuelto. María Gómez
We have really enjoyed having her be part of our family… she is like a second daughter to us and another sibling to our kids! We are so happy we participated in this wonderful program.  I have told our friends that the experience wasn’t just good… it was great!  We plan on making it to Madrid to visit Maria and hope that Maria will always be our lifelong friend. We will really miss her and all of the interns from Madrid that we got to know. Diane Cortese